Wednesday, September 14, 2011

don't lie to me...

Tell the truth,do not lie.
Tell the truth,I'll not say bye.

You told me you were good at lying,
there were lies which I kept buying.

You once told me you were sorry,
you lied to me,you'll not repeat it,don't worry.

But now you say it was true,
the lie which you grew.

Do not confuse me,say whether it's true?
You are not the perfect person which I drew.

Enough with the lies.
Each time you lie,a part of me dies.

Do not lie to me,
you said you would never lie,you see.

Do not hide anything.
I told you everything.

Just want to know,

whether it's true or not?

all need love from others...
trust me...don't trust others...
i love u so damn much..!!!

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